Friday, August 31, 2018

Four sides of a boat. Part 4

Here is the fourth and last side of the boat. It is called the stern.

Four sides of a boat. Part 3

You only need to remember LEFT the PORT to know that the right side of the boat is the other one which is called Starboard. Starrrrrrrboard. R for right side. Here are the boys on the starboard side.

Four sides of a boat. Part 2

Manu and Jackie are birdwatching on the port side of the boat. The port is the left side of a boat. One way to remember which side is port is: the boat has left the port. Left - Port.

Four sides of a boat. Part 1

Here we are climbing up onto the bow of the boat. From here we can see where we are going. One rule when going onto the bow of the boat is to leave your hat in the cabin. Can you guess why?


Is the word for a mariners map. Here is Vance learning to read his chart. He learned to find his starting location. Also the location of his destination - Urupukapuka Island. As well as identify the location and names of the other Ipipiri islands in-between.

Floating classroom

We are learning about conservation. The importance of caring for Tangaroa, Papatuanuku, Te Wao Nui o Tane Mahuta. We are given clipboards and workbooks to read and to jot information down. We are listening to bird songs over the speaker. We are birdwatching. Our first seabird sighting is a blue penguin swimming in the ocean! Who would have known birdwatching could be so fascinating. It was very special to see a penguin in the wild.

Do you know any facts about the blue penguin? Can you name 3 seabirds?